Our company

Briefly about our history and activities

Autoszlif24.pl continues the tradition of repairing engine heads, which was started by the company “GŁOWICE 24” established by Andrzej Mroziński in 1978.

Autoszlif24.pl owned by Michał Mroziński is presently a well-known and renowned economic operator on the automotive services market.

Our company possesses experience of many years in the scope of the services that we render and can pride a wide range of satisfied clients, both among individual recipients as well as car services and entrepreneurs.

Since the beginning of its existence our company has specialized in comprehensive repair of engine heads for passenger cars and lorries. Moreover, we specialize in processing of engine blocks and grindings of crankshafts. We use only technologies and equipment of highest quality and we carry out works on the basis of original documentation of engine producers.